Testing new technologies with #VisionRCCO

For almost 30 years, the "big small" RCCO racing series has been bringing the fascination of electric mobility to life. Interesting people take part in spectacular races and discuss the mobility of the future and possibilities of CO2 reduction. Our newsletter #DrivingTheFuture provides a small selection of the most exciting topics once a month.


At the same time, the project #VisionRCCO enables future-oriented companies to playfully test and promote innovations on a small scale. We are happy about every exciting idea. Here are some examples of how you can use our platform for your company:


>> Exclusive tyre supplier – e. g. with a completely new tyre technology

>> Exclusive rim supplier for the RCCO series with futuristic designed rims

>> Green/alternative energy (instead of electricity from the socket, e.g. storage for solar power)

>> Mini live/WLAN onboard cameras for live coverage of RCCO events

>> Generating energy with a slotcar (Micro Hybrid System)

>> Remote controlled features (e.g. light control on the cars)

>> New types of digital controllers ("drive-by-wire")

>> Slotcars drive with the help of Virtual Reality (VR) Gadgets

>> Film and broadcast RCCO events in a new way

>> 3D printing of #VisionRCCO slotcar parts

>> Autonomous driving slotcar

Autonomous driving: Who is taking up the challenge?

The #RCCO24 is the blue-ribbon event of the RCCO series. For the 24-hour race, as the next step forward, the RCCO will open a seventh spot on the grid for a purely autonomously driven slot car. In addition to the electrification of powertrains, autonomous driving is currently one of the major trends found in the automotive industry. Even a series for driverless cars, in the form of ‘Roborace,’ has been created.


#VisionRCCO goes one step further: The driverless car, in 1:24 scale, will race against competing cars controlled by real drivers like Frank Biela – with open competition.


Who will be the first to take up this challenge? The first manufacturer that decides to go ahead with the project, will get the slot in the grid. Not even the best slot car drivers are sure who will win: man or machine?


Your company wants to secure the slot on the grid? Just send an e-mail to vision@rcco.de





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