Celebs Stars in the RCCO Manege

With two victories at the Essen Grand Prix the two-time DTM champion Mattias Ekström astounded the RCCO elite. In the RCCO series, many other celebrity guests have already demonstrated their talent at the controller.

Martin Ragginger was astonished when, at the end of 2009, he took up the invitation of the motor sport photographer Bodo Kräling and contested the MINI 24h race in the Dunlop Lounge at the Nürburgring for his PSSR team. “I had not imagined it to be so professional,” said the Austrian. “It’s really quite a big sport!”


Since then, the former Porsche junior has also been infected with the “Carreraritis” fever. Every time he meets a RCCO competitor, he wants to know how the last race has gone – even if he already has a helmet on and is on the starting grid.


Ragginger took third place in the Porsche Grand Prix of Hamburg at the Porsche Center Hamburg in 2010, one of the best results of a guest in the “big small” racing series, and he was always pleased when Porsche press officer Oliver Hilger – earlier a RCCO competitor – called him and invited him to Hamburg for another guest start.


For more than 25 years, the RCCO has been able to bring in “real” racing and rallying professionals for guest appearances in the RCCO series with the help from the automotive industry and sponsoring partners. “You don’t get that in any other slotcar racing series” says Volkswagen designer Helmut Schmid, who has been participating in the “big small” racing series for years. “To drive against professionals like Frank Biela, Sascha Maassen and Martin Ragginger is simply a great experience. And besides that they are really nice guys.”

VIP meeting – at the RCCO 24 hour race, the celebrity presence was particularly strong. Here: Ralf Jüttner, Frank Biela, Jürgen Jungklaus and Porsche junior Klaus Bachler at the 2013 24 Hours

This is especially true for Frank Biela and Sascha Maassen, who have demonstrated outstanding talent on the button and both have won the 24-hour race of the RCCO series – Frank Biela has even won five times in a row from 2009 to 2013. The former DTM champion and several times Le Mans winning Audi factory driver Frank Biela was regarded as a particularly likeable racing driver. “Frank is a really down-to-earth and friendly guy,” enthused RCCO participant Robert Müller, who works at Airbus in Hamburg, has driven in Rallycross and worked as a technician at racing teams. “He has no airs and graces about him.


This enthusiasm for Biela is also shared by Matthias Parke, who together with the Le Mans winner drove to victory in the MINI 24h race. “It’s great how a five-time Le Mans winner can in the end still be happy winning a small 1:24 scale race!”

Biela’s enthusiasm for the small cars is shared by almost all the celebrity guest starters who have tried their luck in the RCCO series. These included the German rally champions Armin Kremer and Matthias Kahle, who naturally contested the rally events of the “big small” racing series. In 2001, Kremer had a scorcher when he took the lead in the Subaru outdoor rally for a long time and finished third. “In the rain, the car suddenly stopped running,” Kremer said.


Sven Haaf, Michael Gerber, Isolde Holderied, Jutta Kleinschmidt and Nico Burkhart have also been taking part in RCCO events as Rally Dakar winner Dirk von Zitzewitz who swapped the cockpit of the Race Touareg 2 various times for a Volkswagen slotcar. “I’d love to have more time then I could take part more often,” said the rally co-driver.

Fun with stars – appearances at the "big" motor sport regularly lure "real" racers to the RCCO tracks

“It’s always fun to take part in this racing series”
Sascha Maassen

Of the race track pros, it was not only Martin Ragginger, Sascha Maassen and Frank Biela who dared to compete in the RCCO series. The list of the stars that lined up at the Grand Prix Essen is particularly long. There, in 2005, the pros from “big” motorsport even drew a three-way victory when Mattias Ekström triumphed before Sebastian Vettel and Frank Biela (with a self-built car).


Numerous celebrities also participated in the race during the DTM presentation in Hamburg, including former Formula 1 driver Timo Glock and DTM team manager Hans-Jürgen Abt. His son Daniel, Jeroen Bleekemolen and René Rast were among the participants of the “1st Audi DTM Challenge” in Oschersleben.

The races, which take place at “big” motorsport events, always attract a lot of prominent guest starters. For example, DTM shooting star Miguel Molina spent the entire day of the new DTM Challenge in Oschersleben near the RCCO track. When asked “do you want to join?” the young Spaniard’s eyes lit up. The rallye racing Carrera Cup in the DTM driver's camp was still a topic among the DTM stars 24 hours later.


Head of Audi Motorsport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich has also taken an interest in the “big small” racing series from Hamburg. In 2009 he called Thomas Voigt on the way back from the DTM race in Oschersleben to go through the technical details of the RCCO cars.

DTM beats RCCO – Mattias Ekström and Thomas Voigt at the Grand Prix Essen 2006

Super talent Ekström

Many pros from big motorsports have already tried their hand in the RCCO series. Frank Biela and Sascha Maassen were able to win the 24-hour race. But no one has left such a lasting impression as Mattias Ekström, 2004 and 2007 DTM champion and Michael Schumacher conqueror at the Race of Champions. The Carrera brand ambassador competed in 2005 and 2006 with a Lamborghini Gallardo by Volkswagen designer Helmut Schmid at the Grand Prix Essen.

He attracted attention right away with is first victory in 2005. The fact he won again in 2006, leaving no chance for RCCO record-champion Thomas Voigt in the final duel, showing his extra class. “Most racers get a good feel for these small cars,” says Helmut Schmid. “But Mattias is particularly impressive.”


Since his two victories in Essen, Ekström has been a keen follower the "big small" racing series. On another occasion in the 2010 season he hailed the RCCO establishment with another pole position in the Audi DTM Challenge. Fortunately for the RCCO-cracks, Ekström had to go to bed early and could not participate in the race.

FAHRER drivers from the "big" motorsport have registered themselves in the RCCO's winning list so far: Frank Biela, Mattias Ekström and Sascha Maassen


>> Gallery: celebs on the RCCO button

Celebrities at the controller: the RCCO VIP list

Renn- und Rallyefahrer

Abt, Hans-Jürgen

Abt, Daniel

Albuquerque, Filipe

Arnold, Lance

Bachler, Klaus

Bakkerud, Andreas

Basseng, Marc

Becker, Jan

Biela, Frank

Bleekemolen, Jeroen

Bohnhorst, Ralph

Broda, Timo

Buhk, Maximilian

Burgstaller, Alex

Burkart, Niko

Capello, Dindo

Capito, Jost

Christensen, Michael

de Villers, Giniel

Depping, Janina

Depping, Dieter

Diefenbacher, Frank

Ekström, Mattias

Fernandez Laser, Felipe

Fibier, Andre

Fjordbach, Anders

Franchitti, Dario

Freitag, Philip

Frey, Rahel

Gasperatos, Niko

Geilhausen, Tanja

Gerber, Michael

Gierschner, Andreas

Glock, Timo

Goral, Ralf

Haaf, Sven

Haase, Christopher

Haupt, Hubert

Hauschild, Kim

Heikkinen, Toppi

Hellström, Kerstin

Holzer, Marco

Jarvis, Oliver

Jöns, Christer

Kaffer, Pierre

Kahle, Matthias

Kleinschmidt, Jutta

Kleint, Jochi

Kohlhaas, Christian

Kremer, Armin

Kristensen, Tom

König, Katharina

Lietz, Richard

Lungstrass, Markus

Lüttecke, Nicole

Maassen, Sascha

Marklund, Anton

McNish, Allan

Miller, Mark

Molina, Miguel

Müller, Robert

Müller, Alex

Nygaard, Christofer

Oberndorfer, Peter

Peitz, Dominik

Pirro, Emanuele

Prémat, Alexandre

Ragginger, Martin

Rast, René

Rensing, Otto

Rockenfeller, Mike

Schaller, Teddy

Scheer, Eve

Simon, Norman

Smeets, Sven

Stahl, Sebastian

Steffen, Andreas

Tambay, Adrien

Terting, Peter

Timur, Timerzyanov

Tomczyk, Martin

Vettel, Sebastian

Vogler, Chris

Volland, Rolf

Wechselberger, Ronny

Werner, Marco

Winkelhock, Markus

Motorsport, Medien, Marketing

Aberle, Tobi

Arndt, Thomas

Baldes, Uwe

Becker, Jan "Klick"

Beimbrink-Ullrich, Antje

Bellmann, Michael

Bernard, Michael

Bobsien, Jens

Bock, Stefanie

Borchmann, Andreas

Branke, Dirk

Burgdorf, Markus

Bäumler, Daniel

Cimball, Stephan

Coste, Hendrik

Cramm, Gebhard

de Vries, Michel

de Vries, Kim

Devies, Bert

Dieckmann, Hendrik

Dietzel, André

Dringenberg, Malte

Droste, Michael

Döhmann, Lars

Eckhardt, Holger

Fischer, Christian

Franzen, Matthias

Frauenkron, Günther

Frenssen, Tom

Fuder, Wolfgang

Fuths, Thomas

Garlow, Bianca

Garton, Nick

Gebhardt, Christian

Gerdes, Helge

Günther, Peer

Hahne, Tim

Hebestreit, Monika

Hennen, Jan

Hientzsch, Heike

Hilger, Oliver

Hube, Martin

Huth, Stefanie

Jungklaus, Jürgen

Jürgensen, Chris

Jüttner, Ralf

Karathomas, Kris

Kinzer, Felix

Klamann, Elke

Klähn, Petra

Kohl, Peter

Kolbe, Manfred

Kragenings, Christoph

Kragl, Ossi

Krome, Carsten

Krone, Lars

Kräling, Bodo

Kummerow, Martin

Leuw, Christoph

Linnewedel, Jens

Löwisch, Roland

Mache, Wolfgang

Meidt, Olaf

Meier, Moritz

Messer, Gregor

Meyer, Panos

Migotsch, Thomas

Moody, Toby

Moser, Florian

Müller, Stefan

Müller, Hermann-J.

Neschki, René

Neschki, Mike

Neumeyer, Andrea

Pajung, Stefan

Paulun, Volker

Paulun, Carsten

Pitchford, Ralph

Prüssmann, Harald

Rabe, Martin

Rebbin, Walter

Rippelmeyer, Klaus

Roersch, Ingo

Roesler, Thilo

Roosen, Gaby

Rottluff, Thomas

Rudolph, Moritz

Rudschies, Wolfgang

Rößler, Dennis

Sassen, Ronald

Schlang, Achim

Schmidt, Toni

Schmidt, Thomas

Schmidt, Michaela

Schneider, Mark

Schneider, Fabian

Schramek, Jürgen

Schröder, Nina

Schuster, Daniel

Schön, Christian

Sein, Jutta

Specht, Michael

Spohr, Dirk

Stender, Torsten

Stender, Björn

Tawafi, Adrian

Ullrich, Dr. Wolfgang

Voigt, Thomas

von der Brake, Hardy

von Gordon, Felix

von Wegner, Alexander

Wagner, Gerhard-Dieter

Walz, Marco

Walz, Jörg

Warnecke, Wolfgang

Warnecke, Anja

Weihe, Sandra

Westerhoff, Martin

Wieland, Leo

Witt, Timo

Witzeck, Claus

Wüsten, Thomas

Zschorsch, Andreas

zum Winkel, Ulrich

Zwicker, Thomas

Alle weiteren RCCO-Starter

, Ronny

, Piet

, Olaf

, Moritz

, Marcel

, Britta

, Andi

Adelhardt, Martin

Albert, Florian

Albrecht, R

Alighieri, Matthias

Alt, J

Amosse, Sebastian

Anders, M

Appel, Nicole

Badenkopf, Jens

Bader, R

Banerjee, Susmit

Bannister, Helen

Barnas, Thomas

Barnas, Thomas

Barnowski, Guido

Barsch, M

Barth, T

Barthmann, Stefanie

Bastian, Kay

Bauer, Thomas

Bauer, Thomas

Baustian, Frank

Beck, René

Beck, Rainer

Becker, Peter

Becker, J.H.

Behrend, Marion

Belka, Marcel

Bellmann, Rainer

Benecke, Horst-Günter

Berger, N

Bernhäuer, Marco

Bethmann, Julia

Bieber, Malte

Bielefeldt, Ralf

Bischoff, Frank

Bisotti, Marc Antonio

Bitzhenner, Carsten

Blatsch, V

Bleeker, Rolf

Blümchen, Benjamin

Bollmann, Eckart

Borchers, Lutz

Bornemann, M

Boschenriedter, Fritz E.

Bott, Katarina

Braun, Ruth

Brauns, D

Bronsert, D

Bruns, Wiebke

Brückner, Olaf

Brückner, Olaf

Budde, Michael

Budendeich, L

Burkhard, S

Burmester, Anke

Butendeich, Lars

Bünger, Ingo

Chemnitz, Christian

Chrischilles, Bernd

Christians, Ralf

Creon, Mathias

Dalke, Marco

Dammann, Conny

de Vries, Simone

Denzien, J

Dicke, Mike-Stephan

Dierks, Uwe

Dietrichs, M

Dinakaran, Vaishali

Domsch, Helmut

Dravenau, Marlene

Dressler, C


Dwumfour, Cynthia

Dürselen, Christoph

Eberstein, Tom

Eichner, Wanja

Engelhardt, K

Enger, Frank

Exner, Ralf

Fahning, Benny

Fauvel, Alan

Fecker, Jan

Ferraro, Marco

Filip, Stefan

Flache, Rouven

Flessner, Keno

Folio, Stephan

Franz, Michael

Frenzel, Matthias

Frey, Rahel

Friedrichs, Dirk

Friedrichs, Barbara

Fritzer, Gert

Frowein, Moritz

Frömming, Hanno

Füßer, Martin

Förster, Regina

Gehrke, R

Geissler, Uwe

Gellert, Sascha

Gerlach, Klaus

Gerleit, Angelika


Geue, M

Gino, Mark

Gluchowski, R

Gluchowski, H

Gluchowski, Bernd

Glück, T

Golbke, Frank

Golightly, Adam

Gondorf, Alois

Goral, D

Gotiowski, Sascha


Grotkopf, Andreas

Grump, Johannes

Grössl, Oliver

Günther, Uwe

Günther, Silke

Hahne, Nick

Hanel, Thomas

Hardt, Luka

Hardt, Luca

Hassler, Gary

Hebeler, K

Hedden, Thees

Hedden, Jan

Hedden, Eldert

Heiko, Paries

Heimberger, Björn

Heinemann, T

Heinz, Thomas

Heise, Wolfgang


Hennen, Katharina

Henriksen, F

Hermanns, Wolfgang

Herrmann, Ronny

Hertogh, T

Hieff, Christian

Hoffmann, Marcel

Hoffmann, F

Hüttenberger, Stefan

Hönel, J

Höpner, Jane

Höpner, Dennis

Ickenrodt, Sebastian

Ingwersen, Jan

Iserhardt, R

Itzel, T

Iwanowsky, R

Jansen, D

Jasper, Olaf

Jena, P

Jürgens, Frank

Jürgensen, Kirstin

Karsten, M

Kerkoff, Stefanie

Kessler, Birgit

Kiefer, P

Kirchner, Klaus

Kirschkowski, Jan

Kirschner, Jörg

Klein, Patrick

Kleinert, Mara

Kleinmeier, Stefan

Klockmann, M

Kohlhof, Urte

Kolano, Christian

Koop, Julia

Kopf, Sven

Korb, Wolfgang

Koskinin, Aleksi

Kragl, Tina

Kragl, Julius

Kramer, Samuel

Kramer, Samuel

Krause, Tanja

Krell, Nadine

Kreller, Niels

Kremer, Lutz

Krieger, Rüdiger

Krist, Volker

Krogmann, D

Kuhtz, Julian

Kurzenacker, Andrea

Kutina, Michael

Küke, Michael

König, Thomas


Köppen, Andreas

Körner, Torsten

Laubscher, Johan

Laubscher, Johan

Lehmann, Stefan

Leidenroth, Jan Martin

Leipelt, P

Lenzdorf, Andreas

Liebich, Boris

Lindner, Regina

Loos, Alexander

Ludwig, Stefan

Lutz, Carsten

Maas, Helmut

Maass, Leonie

Maass, Isabell

Maass, Dominik

Maass, C

Mameghani, Mansour

Manke, Andreas

Manke, Andreas

Manschott, Robert

Marioneck, Grischka

Martens, Kathrin

Matisic, André

Matter, Winfried

Matthes, Andreas

Matthes, A

Mayer, Mathias

Mayerhofer, G

Mehl, Frank

Meiritz, Janin

Meixner, Armin

Menke, Sven

Meyer, Wolfgang

Meyer, Thomas

Meyer, Matthias

Meyer, Mathias

Meyer, K

Meyerhöfer, M

Michelberger, Markus

Molzahn, J.

Molzahn, Andrea

Montigny, René

Moser, Stefan

Muß, Daniel

Mühr, Nico

Müller, Philipp

Müller, Nico

Müller, Luca

Müller-Belau, Jens

Münch, P

Möbus, Bernd

Möller, H

Möller, Bernd

Nagel, O

Nahold, L

Neubauer, Wolfgang

Neuhaus, Rolf

Neuhaus, Max

Neuhaus, K

Neumann, Justin

Niemas, Michael

Nitzel, Gerd

Noffke, Andreas

Nothelle, Jens

Osu, Fola


Paczuski, Christof

Pannicke, Robert

Paries, Heiko

Parke, Matthias

Paufici, Huria

Paulun, Tom Lukas

Paulun, Horst

Pausch, Dorte

Peters, Tiberius

Peters, Sebastian

Peters, Mark Aurel

Peters, Janina

Peters, Jan

Peters, Gine

Pfefferle, K

Pianka, Ricarda

Pieper, Hans

Plak, Matthias

Plaß, Doris

Plettner, A

Plock-Giermann, Friederike

Pommerien, Johannes


Press, Kristina

Preuss, Joachim

Przywara, P

Puls, Michael

Quante, Stefan

Quast, Oliver

Raiss, Ingolf

Ramm, Jasper

Rausch, Regine

Reher, K

Rehse, Jörg


Reinke, T

Richarz, Timo

Richarz, Manfred

Rieckmann, J

Ritter, Dieter

Rogge, R

Roggenland, Kai

Rohde, Oliver


Rose, Matthias

Ruddies, Lutz

Rumenapf, Jens

Ruschkowski, J


Salzmann, Theresa

Sauter, Thomas

Schaffrath, M

Scharff, Uwe


Scharré, Mario

Scheffler, Klaus

Scheller, Susanne

Schimpf, Oliver

Schindl, Peter

Schmid, Lisa

Schmid, Helmut

Schmidt, Tobias

Schmidt, Oliver

Schmidt, Lars

Schmidt, Andre

Schmitz, Roger

Schmitz, Markus

Schneider, Michael

Schnoor, Martin

Schormann, Jörg

Schrader, Andreas

Schrod, Sebastian

Schröder, C

Schuller, Ralf

Schulz, Thorsten

Schulz, Hans-Jörg

Schulz, G

Schumacher, Karsten

Schumacher, Jörg

Schumacher, Heinz-Peter

Schumacher, Gerd-Michael

Schumacher, Antje

Schwaar, Pit

Schwarz, Wilfried

Schwarz, Philip

Schüler, Frank

Schüler, Andreas

Schümann, Björn

Schäfer, Kim

Schäffer, Roland

Setzer, Patrick

Siebdrat, Wolfgang

Siemens, Andrea

Sigl, Andreas

Singer, Thomas

Skottke, Luisa

Skottke, Björn

Smolski, Victor

Sommer, Dieter

Sommer, C


Spicker, Thomas

Sportmann, Hartmut

Starke, C

Starke, B

Steinke, Benni

Steinmeier, Frank

Steinmetz, L

Steinmetz, Kai

Stenzel, Klaus

Strube, D.

Stüdemann, Jürgen

Stöhr, Phillip


Tesch, Daniel

Theee, Detlef

Thielebein, Jonas

Thier, Michael

Thorsten, Freese

Thümmel, Sebastian

Tiedemann, Markus

Timmermann, Saskia

Treczokat, Susanne

Treuling, Gerd

Tuplengrün, T

Uhle, C

Unterieser, Achim

Uthe, H

van gen Hassent, Klaus

Varsta, Atte

Vogel, Hans-Dieter

Vogt, Jasper

Vogt, Hannes

Vollenbruch, S

von Busch, Enno

von Osten, Frederic

von Pein, Max

von Zitzewitz, Dirk

Voß, Bernhard

Völzer, Gerhard

Völzer, D

Walz, A

Wanske, Wolfgang

Warnecke, Ben

Waschow, Stefan


Weber, Philipp

Weber, Jil

Wedemann, Ulli

Wedemann, Timo

Wedemann, Jürgen

Weidhase, Florian

Weidl, Edy

Weiss, A

Weper, B

Werner, Henrik

Wessel, Joanna

Westphal, Maria

Wetzels, Uschi

Wied, Jan-Philip

Wiegand, Lucas

Wiesel, Stephan

Wiesel, Beate

Wilbrand, Karsten

Wilke, Thorsten

Wilke, Frank

Wilke, Christian

Wirth, D.

Witte, Fabian

Wlazik, Philip

Wodak, Tom

Wolff, Charles

Woltmann, Axel

Wriggers, Dennis

Wüpper, Norbert

Würgler, Jan

Ülgen, Bülent

Ziegler, Patrick

Zimmermann, Karsten

Zimmermann, C

Zollondz, Alexander

Zschorsch, Leonard


Zumsande, Roland

Zweigle, Hans-Jürgen





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