First victory this season for the title defender

28.06.2018 Round five of the ‘big little’ RCCO electric racing series again ended in a photo finish: in an extremely gripping race at Volkswagen R GmbH in Wolfsburg, Björn Skottke (KTM) won ahead of Andreas Tschorsch (Audi) with an advantage of just 0.5 seconds. Five-time Le Mans winner Frank Biela (Schaeffler) completed the podium sweep.

Successful premiere at Volkswagen R GmbH

The ‘big little’ racing series was hosted by Volkswagen R GmbH in Wolfsburg-Warmenau for the first time. The slot car festival was part of the R GmbH summer party including big-screen viewing of the Football World Cup match between Germany and South Korea. A performance by the junior cheerleaders of VfL Wolfsburg and a robo goal-keeper rang in another thrilling RCCO race.

Fourth victory for KTM this season

Björn Skottke scored the fourth KTM win this year in the RCCO. For the title defender, it marked the first victory this season, which made him advance to second place behind front runner Michael Niemas (also KTM). He managed to bump Andreas Zschorsch from first place and bring home an advantage by a razor-thin margin of 0.5 seconds just shortly before the end of the ten-minute final race. “Initially, I was only lying in position four,” reported ‘Scottie’. “I managed to overtake Michael Niemas. Then Frank Biela made a small mistake. I didn’t even notice how I got past Andreas Zschorsch. In the end Ossi Kragl was breathing down my neck and I was wondering whether to play it safe and let him pass. But my rhythm was so good that I decided to stay in front of him. That worked. On the whole, it was a tremendous event in Wolfsburg. The warm welcome we received was fantastic.”

Zschorsch just narrowly misses first victory

For many, Andreas Zschorsch was the man of the night. The BILD editor in his second start with the new Audi e-tron Vision RCCO was one of the quickest drivers right from the beginning. As previously in Berlin, the Audi driver, on clinching a dominant victory in the heat and achieving the largest number of laps, secured pole position for the final in which he immediately set the pace and at times had a four-second advantage over the group of rivals on his heels consisting of Frank Biela, Michael Niemas and Björn Skottke. However, in the penultimate minute of the race Zschorsch, following an impeccable performance up to that point, made two small mistakes that caused him to drop back to third place. On the remaining laps he managed to overtake Frank Biela again but was not able to catch Björn Skottke anymore. “Still, I’m super-happy about my first single podium in the RCCO,” said Zschorsch. “The new Audi e-tron Vision RCCO is simply running like a charm. The car suits me really well.”

First podium of the year for Frank Biela

Frank Biela clinched his first podium finish this season. The five-time Le Mans winner und former DTM Champion won his heat, so qualifying directly for the top-six final in which he was fighting a wheel-to-wheel battle for victory in a group of four. “In the end I was somewhat lacking speed,” Biela said after placing third. “The race was very close and thrilling.”

Heavy-weights with their backs against the wall

Leader of the standings Michael Niemas (KTM) and the previous runner-up in the standings, Thomas Voigt, who, owing to their successes in the previous races had to compete with high additional weights (Niemas +48 grams, Voigt +35 grams), had no chance for victory. Niemas for the first time this year missed the podium but managed to limit the damage by placing fourth. “With the high weight you can’t brake as late as the others,” explained the leader of the standings. Thomas Voigt was leading his heat for a long time before dropping to third place due to several collisions, so barely qualifying for the B final. That, however, was over for the record champion shortly after the start when the whole rear axle carrier separated from his car und Voigt lost more than a minute in the pits. Placing tenth, Voigt dropped to third place in the standings, but will now be allowed to get rid of 15 grams of weight at Zandvoort.

Pole position for Eldert Hedden

Eldert Hedden once again proved his special skills in time trials. As the first driver to do so the ex-champion on the controllers of his Joest Lamborghini secured his second pole position this season. The races didn’t come off quite as well, ending in the B final just like they did for his brand colleague and brother, Jan Hedden.

Participation in final for Ossi Kragl

For the first time in the 2018 season, Ossi Kragl competed in a round of the ‘big little’ racing series. The event and marketing specialist who hails from the Eifel region immediately made it into the qualification for the final and in fifth position scored valuable points for Scuderia A comeback as well was celebrated by Andreas Göhring who with his ABT Vision RCCO took position 13 in race one following a break he was forced to take for health reasons.

Disappointment at Volkswagen

For the two Volkswagen teams of all squads their home round in Wolfsburg ended in disappointment. None of the five Volkswagen Golf GTE Vision RCCO cars managed the leap into the top ten. In free practice, Jost Capito, managing director of Volkswagen R GmbH, had posted a remarkable third place, but in the race the game was already over for all Volkswagen drivers after the heats. “In practice I was still able to fully drive the chicane but in the race I wasn’t anymore,” Capito said, expressing his surprise. “Even so, it was fun.” A crumb of comfort: Capito was presented with the trophy for the best rookie of the day and Joanna Wessel with the one for the best lady.

Next stop: DTM Zandvoort

Race six of the ‘big little’ racing series season will be held in just two weeks’ time: on Friday, 13 July, the RCCO will once again visit Audi and the DTM. Leader of the standings Michael Niemas will have to skip Zandvoort due to contesting a race in the World Slot Car Championship. DTM driver Nico Müller will compete for Audi Team tv racing with an Audi e-tron Vision RCCO. On Friday afternoon the six Audi DTM drivers will be fighting door-to-door battles on the controllers of the six Schaeffler Vision RCCO cars.





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