Season 28 for the "big small" electric racing series RCCO

19.02.2018 The Formula E is preparing for Season 5, the "big small" electric racing series RCCO for Season 28. After last year's successful premiere of the # VisionRCCO electric concept sports cars, twelve teams with cars from six different brands (ABT, Audi, KTM, Lamborghini, Schaeffler and Volkswagen) will tackle the 2018 season. A total of ten events with eleven races are scheduled. The season starts this Wednesday (February 21) with the Hamburg 20 Minutes at the Shell Technology Center Hamburg. Season finale is the traditional RCCO 24-hour race, which is set to see a new generation of slot cars competing for the first time.

Brand by brand the latest news before the start of the season.

Volkswagen: The team of Daniel Bäumler, who won the team championship for the first time in 2017, has got a new name: Volkswagen Motorsport-Phoenix Racing. From this season, the Volkswagen team is officially cooperating with the DTM and GT team Phoenix Racing from the Eifel region. Jürgen Jungklaus, who led Mike Rockenfeller to the DTM title in 2013 as race engineer, has become the team's official test and reserve driver. Regular drivers are Daniel Bäumler and Kim Hauschild, who narrowly missed the drivers' title in 2017 and will have another go in 2018. Volkswagen Motorsport Kick 'n' Rush has added Joanna Wessel, girlfriend of Kim Hauschild, who will drive a third Volkswagen Golf GTE Vision RCCO. Team principal Jörg Schumacher and motorbike youngster Philip Freitag will continue in 2018.

Audi: In the line-up of the two Audi teams, there is only a small shift: Martin Kummerow, who has just become a father, joins the tv racing academy and will be Team principal and driver at the same time. tv racing will be formed again by record champion Thomas Voigt and Andreas Zschorsch (BILD Hamburg) while Christian Wilke and Mara Kleinert will again be driving for the academy. Mara, for job-related reasons, will be able to compete only in a few rounds. tv racing academy continues to rely on the proven Audi R8 e-tron, which will also be used in the first races by tv racing. Starting with the Formula E race in Berlin, the team will then switch to an all new Audi concept car.

KTM: Three times in a row, the PROTOTYP-Shell team has won the drivers' championship of the "big small" racing series. Björn Skottke compets as defending champion with the start number 1, his teammate will again be PROTOTYP boss Oliver Schmidt, who is currently busy with a new hotel project in the HafenCity. Team Shell-PROTOTYP's line-up is again formed by Wolfgang Warnecke and Michael Niemas, who has changed his job and is expected to start more often in the RCCO in 2018. This makes the model-making expert instantly one of the top favorites for the title. With the support of the design office KISKA in Salzburg, both teams continue to rely on the Championship winning car of the previous year, the KTM X-BOW Vision RCCO.

Schaeffler: Five-time Le Mans winner and DTM champion Frank Biela won two RCCO races last year with the Schaeffler Vision RCCO, but with 7th place overall Biela lagged behind his own expectations. He wants to change this in 2018. Biela's new team-mate is American Gary Hassler, who lives in Vienna and is well-known in the motorsport scene among others for his company "Liquid Ice". Hassler is a passionate slot racer but will not be able to compete in all races for professional reasons. There are also personnel complications in the second Schaeffler team, Scuderia Julius Kragl is set to sub for his father and Team principal Ossi Kragl on several occasions this year. ADAC Junior Timo Broda has a job in the south of Germany which means he will race only sporadically. Thus the Eifel team is counting on "Rookie of the year 2017" Rolf Neuhaus from Bilster Berg.

Lamborghini: The two most curious driver pairings have been entered by the two Lamborghini teams: Both are running Hedden / Paulun. Former Champion Eldert Hedden and Volker Paulun will yet again compete for Joest Racing while Volker Paulun's brother Carsten is returning to RCCO racing as a successor to Walter Rebbin. He will be new teammate of Eldert Hedden's brother Jan. Everything clear? Unchanged is the car, the Lamborghini Centenario RCCO.

ABT: The two ABT teams also have some issues regarding their drivers. Andreas Göhring, who with his team mag channel racer scored the first victory of the ABT Vision RCCO in the "big small" raceingseries in 2017, will undergo surgery on the knee in March and then miss out on a rehabilitation for a long time. Teammate Robert Müller has already been missing a couple of races last year because he supports the surfing career of his son Luca. At NEXGENracing, Team principal Frank Wilke plans a sabbatical abroad. He will be replaced by Alan Fauvel, who has completed his own career break and will return to the "big small" racing series as a driver. Record women's Champion Gine Peters will continue to race for the team also this season.

2018 RCCO entry list

1 Skottke, Björn (PROTOTYP-Shell) KTM X-BOW Vision RCCO
6 Bäumler, Daniel (Volkswagen Motorsport-Phoenix Racing) Volkswagen Golf GTE Vision RCCO
7 Voigt, Thomas (tv racing) Audi R8 e-tron
8 Kleinert, Mara (tv racing academy) Audi R8 e-tron
9 Paulun, Carsten (Hedden-Motors) Lamborghini Centenario RCCO
10 Hedden, Jan (Hedden-Motors) Lamborghini Centenario RCCO
12 Biela, Frank (SCHAEFFLER racing by Biela) Schaeffler Vision RCCO
16 Fauvel, Alan (NEXGENracing) ABT Vision RCCO
17 Hedden, Eldert (Joest Racing) Lamborghini Centenario RCCO
18 Schumacher, Jörg (Volkswagen Motorsport-Kick 'n' Rush) Volkswagen Golf GTE Vision RCCO
19 Niemas, Michael (Shell-PROTOTYP) KTM X-BOW Vision RCCO
21 Warnecke, Wolfgang (Shell-PROTOTYP) KTM X-BOW Vision RCCO
22 Schmidt, Oliver (PROTOTYP-Shell) KTM X-BOW Vision RCCO
24 Peters, Gine (NEXGENracing) ABT Vision RCCO
27 Hauschild, Kim (Volkswagen Motorsport-Phoenix Racing ) Volkswagen Golf GTE Vision RCCO
33 Zschorsch, Andreas (tv racing) Audi R8 e-tron
36 Broda, Timo (Scuderia Schaeffler Vision RCCO
44 Göhring, Andreas (mag channel racer) ABT Vision RCCO
45 Müller, Robert (mag channel racer) ABT Vision RCCO
49 Freitag, Philipp (Volkswagen Motorsport-Kick 'n' Rush) Volkswagen Golf GTE Vision RCCO
63 Kummerow, Martin (tv racing academy) Audi R8 e-tron
67 Neuhaus, Rolf (Scuderia Schaeffler Vision RCCO
68 Paulun, Volker (Joest Racing) Lamborghini Centenario RCCO
69 Kragl, Ossi (Scuderia Schaeffler Vision RCCO
71 Wilke, Christian (tv racing academy) Audi R8 e-tron
88 Hassler, Gary (SCHAEFFLER racing by Biela) Schaeffler Vision RCCO
96 Wessel, Joanna (Volkswagen Motorsport-Kick 'n' Rush) Volkswagen Golf GTE Vision RCCO
99 Jungklaus, Jürgen (Volkswagen Motorsport-Phoenix Racing) Volkswagen Golf GTE Vision RCCO





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