RCCO meets World RX

28.09.2017 RCCO meets World RX: This is the motto for round nine of the ‘big little’ electric racing series’ season to be held at the car dealership of Autohaus Eberstein in Buxtehude on Friday night (29 September). While RCCO aces like Daniel Bäumler, Björn Skottke and Kim Hauschild are battling for important points in the thrilling final sprint of the championship, a number of guest drivers from the World Rallycross Championship are again expected to join the grid.

Between 8.15 PM and 8.30 PM two guest races are planned for the RX pros. They include the two Audi campaigners Topi Heikkinen and Reinis Nittis, among others. Team principal and ex rallying star Gigi Galli from Italy is going to venture a guest run at the controls as well.

The RCCO event in Buxtehude will start at 7 PM with free practice. Following the guest races of the World RX campaigners, the first of a total of four qualifying heats will begin at 8.30 PM. The finale of the top six is scheduled for 10.50 PM.

Travelling to Buxtehude as leader of the standings is Daniel Bäumler from Team Volkswagen Motorsport-Drivers Company. However, the contenders in the top spots of the table are so close together that any of those in the top five might be able to take the overall lead on Friday night.

The Mini RX is being held for the third time this year. Unbeaten to date in the event has been the mag channel racer team that is fielding two ABT Vision RCCO cars in 2017. At the premiere in 2015 Andreas Göhring was victorious and last year Robert Müller.


19:00 Free practice (5 x 10 minutes)
20:15 Guest race, World RX (2 races of 5 minutes each)
20:30 Qualifying 1 (5 races of 4 minutes each)
21:00 Qualifying 2 (5 races of 4 minutes each)
21:30 Qualifying 3 (5 races of 4 minutes each)
22:00 Qualifying 4 (5 races of 4 minutes each)
22:30 Semi Final 1 (5 minutes)
22:40 Semi Final 2 (5 minutes)
22:50 Final (5 minutes)
23:00 Podium ceremony





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