#VisionRCCO Projects

Exclusive concepts for the ‘big small’ racing series

Making the fascination of electric mobility tangible and promoting innovation – that is the target of the "big small" racing series RCCO, which has taken off with an exciting new concept. Since the 2017 season, the races have been staged with fascinating studies of possible future e-sports cars, some of which are designed for the RCCO by car manufacturers and the automotive industry. They are combined with "real" concept cars like the Porsche Mission E. #ConceptCars #BornElectric #VisionRCCO

#VisionRCCO Electric Concept Cars – the basics

  • Electric concept cars of possible future electric sports cars
  • Inspired by ‘Vision Gran Turismo’ concept cars
  • Cars can be based on existing concept cars (like Porsche Mission E or Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo) or designed from scratch
  • Designed by OEMs, automotive industry, technology companies or universities
  • Spec chassis, spec engine, spec wheels, spec tires, spec rear wing
  • Central production of 3D-models and bodyworks by RCCO

The #VisionRCCO STEP1 Chassis

In the 2020 season, a new chassis will be used, which the two slot car experts Fola Osu and Michael Niemas have developed on behalf of RCCO for the "big small" racing series. The VisionRCCO STEP1 provides the basis for an exciting project for the future: From the 2020 season, the RCCO will allow step-by-step electronic assistance systems with the ultimate goal of letting a fully autonomous robot car (level 5) compete against the human-controlled slot cars in the 24-hour race. The target groups are universities, automobile manufacturers, the automotive industry and technology companies, but also hobby programmers.

Your way to your own #VisionRCCO model

  • Design a futuristic looking #VisionRCCO electric concept car
  • Give the #VisionRCCO electric concept car a name
  • Allow a team to race your concept car in the RCCO series
  • Support them in whatever way you can/want (not necessarily financially)
  • Publish the ‘making of’ of your #VisionRCCO electric concept car in your own publications and social media
  • Support and spread the #VisionRCCO idea

Are you interested in becoming part of the #VisionRCCO project? Just send an e-mail to vision@rcco.de





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