First victory for Lamborghini Centenario RCCO

18.08.2017 The KTM and Volkswagen winning streak in the ‘big small’ racing series finally ended at the Volkswagen Slotcar Festival at Volkswagen Motorsport GmbH in Hannover: Jan Hedden took his first victory with the Lamborghini Centenario RCCO. Record champion Thomas Voigt clinched his first podium result of the season for the Audi R8 e-tron with second place. KTM driver Björn Skottke completed the podium once again, reducing the deficit to table leader Daniel Bäumler to just nine points.

The other Hedden

The Hedden brothers are an integral part of the ‘big small’ racing series: two championship titles, 22 victories and three 24 Hours of Hamburg triumphs make up the impressive track record of Eldert and Jan Hedden, who are closely associated with Joest Racing. In the past few years, Jan Hedden, a racing technician at Hedden Motors, was mostly in the shadow of his younger brother Eldert. Not so on Wednesday evening at Volkswagen Motorsport: While Eldert Hedden had to settle for seventh place, Jan Hedden as overall second in the heats qualified directly for the final of the best four, in which he was then in a class of his own: Hedden won three of the four final rounds and thus took the first victory for the new Lamborghini Centenario RCCO.

First podium for the Audi R8 e-tron

Audi has won the RCCO’s manufacturer ranking eight times in a row, but in the 2017 season, the brand from Ingolstadt has not been up to standard in the ‘big small’ racing series. In Hannover, Thomas Voigt succeeded in clinching the first podium for the Audi R8 e-tron in second place. The Audi driver was the only one who could win a race from Jan Hedden in the turbulent final. It could have been two victories, but in the first final race, Voigt was in the lead under the pressure of Hedden a turn and thus gambled the chance for the overall victory. It could have been two victories, but in the first final race Voigt spun when he was in the lead and under pressure from Hedden, thus missing out on the chance for the overall victory.

Björn Skottke catches up

RCCO homecomer Björn Skottke (KTM) has reduced the deficit to table leader Daniel Bäumler (Volkswagen) to nine points with his fourth podium of five races. Taking into account the omitted results, ‘Skottie’ already has his nose in front after six of eleven races. The KTM driver won the B final against Frank Biela and Rolf Neuhaus (both Schaeffler Vision RCCO) as well as Andreas Göhring and secured third place in the final behind Hedden and Voigt.

Bäumler with issues

The home race at Volkswagen Motorsport did not go as planned for table leader Daniel Bäumler. The VW-driver finished 16th place after qualifying for the final races. After victories in the E-and the D-finals, the C-finals were as far as Bäumler could reach, where he was defeated by his most dogged pursuer Björn Skottke 4-0. In the end Bäumler had to settle with eighth overall. With his worst season result so far, the TV man missed the podium for the fourth time in a row.

Strong rookies

Two rookies made a strong impression at the Volkswagen Motorsport Festival in Hannover: Junior motorcycle rider Philipp Freitag won three of his four heats and led the field sensationally. In the final, the youngster settled for fourth, but he was still the best driver of a Volkswagen Golf GTE Vision RCCO. Rolf Neuhaus from the Bilsterberg also performed strongly, finishing in the top ten of a RCCO race for the first time on the trigger of his Schaeffler Vision RCCO in seventh. Veteran Matthias Parke took part as a guest driver with the second car from Scuderia, however he did not finish in the points.

Many guests on the trigger

A whole host of prominent guests competed in Hannover, including VW test driver Dieter Depping, who will be making his debut at the World Rallycross Championship on the Estering, and Volkswagen Head of Motorsport Sven Smeets. Christopher Jan took victory in the Vision RCCO Cup, even beating ex-RCCO pilot André Dietzel.

A guided tour of the ‘Sacred Halls’

The exciting races were not the only thrill on Wednesday evening. The RCCO participants also got an exclusive look behind the scenes of Volkswagen Motorsport GmbH, including the two cars from Johan Kristoffersson and Petter Solberg from the World Rallycross Championship.

Next round this week

The next race of the ‘big small’ racing series will take place this week: On the evening of August 30, the Schaeffler Outdoor Rally will take place in the Hamburg del mar Beachclub – another traditional highlight on the RCCO calendar.





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